Air conditioning technology that allows us to cool our buildings without heating up our planet

The earth's climate is warming rapidly. The more global temperatures rise, the more people will want to cool their homes, offices and public spaces. But conventional air conditioning technology is part of the problem, relying heavily on prime energy input as well as on the use of refrigerants. Refrigerants are greenhouse gases which in many cases are orders of magnitude more powerful than carbon dioxide when released into the atmosphere. In sum, the emissions resulting from air conditioning already amount to 3% of total global emissions - more than the emissions associated with shipping and aviation combined. That number is expect to triple over the coming decades, making it abundantly clear that air conditioning needs to change. We need AC systems that allow us to live in comfort without further escalating the climate emergency. 


Our mission is to provide a solution by developing systems that require neither electricity input nor the use of harmful refrigerants in their operation.